About The Global Game

The Global Game is an exciting interactive gaming experience played using mobile device, internet, telephone and live action.
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Part treasure hunt, part brain teaser; each game will make you take a closer look at the things around you, because chances are you’'ve already seen the answers and haven't realised!

Whether you’re looking for a real mind bender or a fun day out with the kids, there are different games for all ages and different types of players. Play with friends or race against the clock, or play with complete strangers via 'The Global Game Community'. Then follow your progress on our LeaderBoard which is constantly updated with the latest results.

Earn points for each game you complete and cash them in for exclusive merchandise online. Once you’'re a part of The Global Game, you’re a part of an experience that will take you out of the virtual world and let you loose on the planet.

The Global Game –- it’'s the most amazing game in the world.

About the Company

The Global Game (TGG)'s mission is to create a personalised platform for individuals, teams and corporations to interact in and across the great cities of the world. TGG's target is to use existing interactive media (mobile devices and the internet) to encourage individuals to interact and increase community awareness of local points of interest, culture and history.

The company was initially conceived in 2005 as a way to encourage the youth of today to use their mobile phones as an educational tool and to foster growth in the local community. The concept quickly grew into a means to connect people and places throughout the world in a format designed for enjoyment - a truly global game.

For further information please contact admin@theglobalgame.net

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