Alex, Jack & Brad Sock it to Manly!

ON a nasty, wet, windy day on Sunday 17th August, Truzz, Jack and Brank made mincemeat of our MAN001 course to blitz the field in 31 minutes!MAN001 17th August 2014 Teams

There's a feeling at TGG HQ, that these three names might need a little handicap moving forward :D! What do you think

The level 1 course MAN001, runs about 3.6 kilometres between clues, about 4.4 kilometres in real distance.  Our winners ran the course in 37 minutes 31 seconds.  Our next 4 teams (two were very close for second place) came in over the next 15 minutes.

The course runs around the Beach township of Manly in New South Wales, Australia and comprises 23 clues in the town and along the beach.  If you want to play this game, go Here to check it out.

After the strenuous run, time for a group photo and some FroYo to unwind.

All the teams scored points for this game, check out the MAN001 Leaderboard Here and the All-time Leaderboard Here.

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