Narrow win for Carl & Elliot in SYD010!

ON a gorgeous, sunny spring day on Sunday 14th September, Carl and Elliot narrowly beat out Brank and Alana for first place in the first SYD010 challenge, winning by just 14 seconds!SYD010 Team at Lunch

All time standings, still has the same leader, Jack, but some of our dedicated players are snapping at his heels!

The level 1 course SYD010, runs about 5.2 kilometres between clues, about 5.8 kilometres in real distance.  Our winners ran the course in 1 hour, 11 minutes and 31 seconds. Who is going to try and beat that record?

The course runs around the CBD of Sydney from the Town Hall to the Rocks.  If you want to play this game, go Here to check it out.

After the strenuous run, time for a group photo and some Lunch on fabulous pizzas at the Historic Australian Heritage Hotel to unwind.

All the teams scored points for this game, check out the SYD010 Leaderboard Here and the All-time Leaderboard Here.

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