Points Summary

The following is the Current Points allocation table - as at 5th September 2014

  • Level 1 game: Racers get the following points:
    1st Place: 80
    2nd       70
    3rd       64
    4th       60
    5th       56
    6th       52
    7th       48
    8th       44
    9th       40
    10th     36
  • If you break the race record (first time only) – you get 1 Status point,
  • You will get 16 points for finishing, regardless of the time,
  • You will lose 5 points per hint and 20 per skip and you cannot win (get a winner's Status point) if you have used either,
  • If there are more than 50 in the race - more points can be awarded pro-rata,
  • Tourers get 40 points per tour finished, no penalty for skipping or hints,
  • Making Clues:
    2 points for a Clue with 1 sub-clue; plus 2/3rds point per sub-clue,
  • Verifying Clues:
    Gets ½ the above points.; i.e. 1point per verification for a main clue and 1/3 point for each sub-clues?
  • Status Points:
    Awards 1 point per 10 Clues Made; ½ point per 10 Clues Verified; 1 point per Game win; 1 point per Race-record Break,
  • Repeating a Race:
    You get 50% of the original game points, each time you play; you cannot get Winner's or Race-record Status points.