What is the Global Game?

The Global Game (TGG) is an interactive challenge played using various interactive communication methods, including mobile device, internet, telephone and live interaction, supported through TGG Global Community. The game pits you against other players as you race to complete a series of challenging questions and tasks to finish the game.

Registration for each new game will be announced on TheGlobalGame.net, Facebook and Twitter. Registered members of the website can also choose to have new game details emailed or tedxted to them as they are announced.

There are a number of different types of game.

The Ongoing game, which is available to be played at any time. A player recieves points depending on how good their time is compared with other players. A player can play the game again and again (so you'll get a better time each time you play!), but you'll only get status points the first time. This game you can play whenever you feel like by simply logging into Mission Control and selecting any one of the permanent games there. All the details of the game will be on the Game description page.

The Fixed Time game. Each game has a set amount of players allowed and you will need to register for this one. When the game becomes full or when the registration period ends members will no longer be able to register for that particular game. The game then begins with all registered players starting from the same point. You will have a fixed time limit to complete the game and you'll get points based on the position you come in.

The Monthly City game. These games are set in various Capital cities, typically every three months. You'll need to register for this one, then the game then begins with all registered players starting from the same point. You will have a fixed time limit to complete the game and you'll get points based on the position you come in. This one has prizes for the first past the post, to assist you to get to another Monthly game.

How often games begin and how many occur at once is up to the discretion of TGG.

Very Easy:
1.There are a number of tasks from start to finish, with things to be experienced along the way.

2. When you start the game, you will receive a question via your handheld.  Somewhere around you is the answer to the task.  Reply with the answer.  Some of the tasks will be simple questions, while others may require you to venture out to various locations for the answer.

3. When you answer correctly, you will receive the next task.

4. That's it!  Look up each game's brief page for more information.

Note: Some games will have a game time which will be determined prior to the game starting. In more complex games, the duration of the game will be at the discretion of the organizer (TGG).  Should game time expire before a player completes the game, they will receive a message noting that the game has ended. A grace period, the overrun time is allowed for each game, to allow slower or beginning players to chance to complete the gaming experience. Some games also run continuously, allowing junior players to build up experience and points, while learning how the system works.

Each player is awarded points based on their standing or time taken when the game finishes. The first placed player receives the maximum amount of points, while the second placed player will earn a lesser amount of points, and so on. Those players who finish, but did not complete the game in time will all receive a set amount of points for participating. Standings are computed from the amount of time each layer takes to complete a leg of the course.

At the completion of each game, the standings are published on the Global Game website, noting how each player placed and the time it took them to complete the game.

As points are accumulated through each game, they are stored in each player’s account, similar to frequent flyer miles. The points can be redeemed for a variety of products on the TGG gaming vault. When you make a purchase from the TGG vault, the points are deducted from your total.

There are milestones that improve a player’s status as they accumulate points. For example, once a player reaches a certain number of points they will achieve level 2 status. Try to get enough points to make you a “Level 5 Master”.

Prizes range from a song downloads to more exciting prizes like an ipod, phone handsets, cameras or all expense paid trips. Prizes are donated by Sponsors and vary according to the level and number of games being played.

Check the Global Game Vault for the current selection of prizes and incentives.

All the best in The Global Game.